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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Shore birds flocking on the Rock Island sand spit.

Music has always greatly influenced my personal vision and aesthetic. I remember the first time I connected visuals to song, riding the bus in junior high school (we were the last stop on the ride home, I had at least an hour to contemplate). Safely tucked away in my own imaginary world I made a music video in my head for every song I heard while listening to my Walkman. This evolved into something greater when I bypassed a formal tutelage in photography for an education in motion picture. It’s coming full circle now. The emotion that artists put forth in their music now manifests in the visuals that I create, to the extent that having music present in my creative process is almost essential. I’m a ravenous listener to numerous genres spanning centuries of time and decades of my own life. The result of that formal education in motion picture (an alter ego, if you will) creates brand videos for ad agencies and marketing companies where my genres of choice are blues, EDM and rock and roll. But for my photography I’ve always heard a cinematic soundtrack.

I’ve curated some of those tracks into a playlist that I hope you might enjoy. Please take a moment to put on the music and view some of my photos. I think the connection will become that much more apparent with these amazing sounds in your ears.

Thanks for listening.

Photo: Shore birds flocking on the Rock Island sand spit ©2021 Brett Kosmider


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